Neymar to Barcelona under one condition

Neymar to Barcelona under one condition

Neymar continues his rebel to find exit door to Barcelona while PSG are holding on to him but Coutinho could be the key to seal the deal

Neymar is desperate to leave Paris and go back to where he calls 'home' Barcelona, but the deal is very complicated and for it to be more possible, Coutinho could be the key.

Barcelona haven't yet sent an official offer for their ex-star Neymar who is patiently waiting to move back to the Camp Nou as the Catalans are waiting an offer for Phillepe Coutinho who favors a move back to the Premier League.

However, Liverpool and Manchester United are out of the table after Jurgen Klopp stated earlier this summer that Liverpool are not to sign Coutinho due to his high price while Coutinho himself doesn't intend to play for Manchester United who are a classic rival to The Reds.

Barcelona are in need to sell the Brazilian for two reasons: To finance Neymar's deal and to save Coutinho's wage to the other Brazilian but things aren't looking so good as no offers came which brings the loan solution to the table. Reports came saying that Arsenal have no interest in bringing Coutinho due to his wage while other reports came recently linking the Brazilian on a loan deal with The Spurs.

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RAC 1 claimed today that Barcelona have contacted PSG with an idea of a season-loan deal with an obligated buy-out clause which the Parisians found as a good idea and they are to consider it.

In short, Barcelona needs either to sell Coutinho for a good price or send him on loan to save his wage to bring Neymar, Spanish reports say that this week is critical for Neymar's case and could decide if he is to stay in Paris or achieve his dream move to Barcelona.