Neymar tells ex team-mates: Don't worry, guys. I'm coming back image

Neymar tells ex team-mates: Don't worry, guys. I'm coming back

Neymar tells Messi and Suarez on a group on WhatsApp not to worry because he is going back according to Sport

Neymar's name has been heavily linked with an emotional move to Barcelona these days after PSG's president stated that he no longer wants super-star attitude on his team.

Sport this time claims that the Brazilian is very calm and sure about his move to his former team Barcelona and he told his best friends, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez not to worry because he's coming back.

The same WhatsApp group that Argentina and Barcelona's captain, Lio Messi mentioned on a previous interview when he said: ''Me and Suarez and Neymar have a group on WhatsApp and we still talk, we named the group 'The South-American Trio.'''

Other news from TeleFoot claim that Barcelona have made contact with PSG over the Brazilian but their offer was rejected from the Parisians who said: ''Neymar is not for sale''

However, Barcelona is reportedly keen on bringing Neymar back on three conditions: to announce he wants to leave, withdraws his appeal against Barcelona on court and lowers his salary.

Reports also say that the Catalan intend to include Philippe Coutinho on the deal to lower the cost as they plan to make a swap deal with PSG, Coutinho plus €100 million for Neymar.