Hachim Mastour: from the new Neymar to a no club player

Hachim Mastour: from the new Neymar to a no club player

Hachim Mastour and his story from Milan's wonder-kid and being compared to Neymar to a no club player

The story goes to seven years ago, when Hachim Mastour, 21, made a huge impact on the internet thanks to his dribbling and freestyle astonishing skills. It didn't take much time until people started calling him 'the new Neymar' especially that he was sitting at AC Milan's bench when he was only 15 years old. However, it seems that his story ended before it started.

Mastour was born in June 15 1998 in Reggio Emilia, Italy from Moroccan parents. He began his career at Reggiana when he was 10 years old where he showed great potential and caught the eyes of some big clubs in Europe whom wanted to have him in their academy, such as Inter, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Juventus before AC Milan decided to join the race and managed to sign him for €500,000.

Once joining Milan's under-17 team, Mastour showed great potential with his speed, skills, his ability to snatch the ball from defenders and his unique style which made the Italian press call him 'phenomenal' and it was obvious that it's only a matter of time before the player gets promoted to the first team which indeed happened in July 2014.

His skills made people over the internet call him 'the new Neymar' especially after Mastour appeared with the Brazilian super-star Neymar in a promotional video for Red-Bull where Mastour (15 years old then) showed off his skills with the ball along with Neymar.

During both Seedorf's and Inzagi's time with AC Milan as managers, Mastour was benched and didn't get much play-time and it was rather obvious that his promotion from the youth team to the first team made a huge impact on the player who couldn't fit in or respond to the new big responsibilities that came with his new role, it was early for him to be competing in the Serie A, the thing that made a loan move seem only logical for the player to go get some play-time elsewhere and come back more ready which indeed what Milan did when the Rossoneri sent the player to Malaga in August 2015 on a two-years loan. But again, Mastour got only few minutes in one match in La Liga where he couldn't show off his worth and Malaga decided to cut off his two-years loan after only one year. Mastour was once again a AC Milan's player in July 2016.

Thanks to his agent, Mino Raiola, he could find him a new club to loan, PEC Zwolle. But his journey in the Eredivisie was not much better than his previous one in La Liga as he made only six appearances in which he didn't give much addition to the team. After his one year loan, Mastour found himself once again in Milan but this time he had a more difficult task to do, satisfy the club's new manager, Gattuso. 

"I talked to him a lot. I also threatened him because he is more famous for his videos [on social media] than for his football. He doesn't do it now, otherwise I told him l'd break his teeth." said Gennaro Gattuso on Hachim Mastour.

It was safe to say that after Gattuso's threat, we could see a serious response from the 19 years old then. Yet the player couldn't prove his worth once again and couldn't make any official appearance with Milan and this time, the Rossoneri decided to not renew with the player and thus he became a free agent on July 2018 but luckily, that didn't last much and Mastour could find himself a new club in September 2018 when he signed with the Greek team, PAS Lamia. 

However, the player again didn't show much of serious attitude and played only six matches where he showed a very bad performance which made the Greeks cancel their contract with the player in March 2019 to become a free agent, again

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This was Hachim Mastour's journey from a wonder-kid to a no club player and from the internet fame to being totally forgotten. But it's not over yet for the 21 years old to bounce back to the surface if he could show commitment and persistence but first, he needs to find a new club and start his way up again from there or else, his star that shined before few years could light-off forever.