De Ligt's move to Juventus gets complicated

De Ligt's move to Juventus gets complicated

Ajax have refused a €50m bid from Juventus and are insisting to accept only €75m fix with no variables as Barcelona could make a last-minute move

Just when all the news confirmed that the Dutch defender's move to Juventus is already a done deal with the pre-agreement between the club and the player, Juventus had yet to meet Ajax's demands which did not go so well.

Ajax made it clear that they would only let the 19 years old go for €75 million fee while The Bianconeri are trying to reduce the price to €50 million plus €20 million in variables which the Eredivisie champions did not accept.

Furthermore, reports coming from Sky Sport say that Ajax are very displeased at the way Juventus handled the deal and they are certainly not okay with the Serie A champions negotiating contract with their golden boy without a pre-agreement with the club itself.

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By rights, if the reports are true and Juventus indeed negotiated with De ligt without a permission from Ajax, the Dutch club can take it to the court according to section C1 of the FA rules, prohibits a player who is under contract, or his agent, from talking to other clubs, or being approached by other clubs, without the consent of the player’s current club.

One man's loss is another man's gain, Barcelona are keeping an eye on the situation should an agreement is not reached, they could go for a last-minute catch just like what they did with Malcom's case, it's what the Italian club fears and should meet Ajax's demands before the bad becomes the worse.