CONMEBOL decides Messi's punishment

CONMEBOL decides Messi's punishment

CONMEBOL have released an official statement regarding Messi's punishment after 'corrupt' claims from Argentina captain

Everyone was waiting what the CONMEBOL will decide regarding Barcelona and Argentina's captain, Messi after late Copa America statements and claims.

These claims came after the 32-years-old was sent off during his match against Chile that ended 2-1 to decide Argentina as a third place winner for Copa America.

Statements like: ''this cup is set for Brazil." "We don't have to be part of this corruption," "They have showed us a lack of respect throughout this tournament."

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In response, Conmebol said accusations questioning the integrity of the Copa America were "unfounded" and "represent a lack of respect" and thus decided to ban Messi from international football for three months and to be fined $50,000 (£41,121) in add-ons.

Argentina's qualifying campaign for the 2022 World Cup begins in March 2020.